Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once Upon a Time I had Long Hair... But I Got Bored

Lilla Rose Hairsticks
Once upon a time, I had long hair, but I would get bored with it... and wasn't quite sure how to spice it up and keep the look fresh and new.  Then I discovered these Hair Sticks!  Wow, where have they been all my life?

There was a time when I wore a french twist, with the ends popped out of the top for an easy, casual and fun look.  Now I know there's a name for that and it's a French Twist with the tails up!

Then when I was a young girl in the 70's, I almost always wore my hair in what I now know is referred to as a "half up" style.  This is me wearing a 70's groovy blouse that my Mom made me, and my hair in a half up style.

And the other day at Thanksgiving dinner, I did this half up plus the 2 other styles for my sister-in-law's sister's hair:

 Here are all three of them in a collage... do you have a favorite?  Right now my favorite is the bun with the hairsticks.  Below is me on the way out the door to work the first time I decided to try them in a messy bun style!

I tried to get a more perfect picture, but I desperately need a phone that has a better camera!

So these are just a few of the styles I still use today.  But I'm constantly trying to reinvent the wheel by coming up with new and creative styles too.  So this begins my series of the "Once Upon a Time I had Long Hair but I Got Bored" posts... I hope that YOU don't get bored with them!  It's going to be fun digging into the old photos, I may add an oldie or two in each post just for fun :-D

You can purchase these hairsticks by Lilla Rose and the Flexi Clips too, on my Lilla Rose webstore, by clicking the button on my sidebar or going to this link:

I would never sell a product that I don't feel I can stand behind, and these are by far the best quality hair accessories I have ever found.  The Flexi's are hand made, with piano wire to make them flexible and comfortable... and the Hairsticks are made from Birch wood and I am now crazy about them.

There is a sale that ends tonight at midnight Pacific Time.  It's by far the biggest sale of the year for Lilla Rose.  20-50% off everything and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!  If you have questions, please message me or comment, I will help you with sizing etc.

Until net time, What are YOUR favorite hairstyles that you would like to see me feature here?  Feel free to send me pictures of yours and I may have a contest, and feature your picture, and send you a prize!  Send me your feedback and I will post more details later...

My best,


Friday, October 31, 2014

Another Hair Clip for your Scarf Idea

It was Halloween day... what to wear to work?  Everyone will dress up, its a doctors office after all.  Black is easy, orange?  Not so much, but I found an orange stripe in this scarf so I was good to go!  Clipped it in place with a flexi.  What do YOU think?  I want to hear from you!  


Sunday, October 19, 2014

When A Hair Clip Becomes a Scarf Clip!

Sometimes my infinity scarves are too big and puffy.  Other times I have a hair flexi that goes perfectly with my outfit but I want to wear it up front like jewelry.  Here's my solution!  The one shown here is a mini.  An extra small or a small would work too depending on the scarf thickness and how many layers you want to add.  Lilla Rose hair accessories offer so many solutions to polish off your outfits!  To order, click on my sidebar button or on the link below.  I would be forever grateful if you'd share this.  Thanks for visiting today ;-)


Friday, October 17, 2014

Who Loves a Deal?

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love editing photos and making ads of sorts like this one! This is my SALE announcement! On Lilla Rose hair accessories.  The sale is 10% off everything Lilla Rose Hair - 15% off select Black, Brown and copper items. The sale ends SATURDAY NIGHT 9pm Eastern (midnight Pacific time)!  What are you waiting for?  Try some today.
Until next time,
Enjoy your weekend! :-D

Monday, September 1, 2014

When Dirty Hair is Good!

What is YOUR hair type?  Mine is wavy to curly, medium to thick and will be FRIZZY to the MAX if I just let it dry and do nothing with it.  I have lived with my hair for 47 years so I know it better than anyone by now.  If you have my hair type... I suggest you do NOT over shampoo your hair.  That's right, I wash my hair about every 3 days only and I use a very minimal amount of shampoo.  The less SUDS the better.  The more suds, the more detergent in the shampoo and that seems to contribute to the puff & frizz.  Tools that are key for me are:

FAT Curling Iron
Jumbo Velvet Hot Rollers
Leave In Smoothing cream
Styling Gel
Hair Spray
Dry Shampoo

The most important of those being the ones that produce HEAT. Heat is the best weapon of defense against frizz.  This photo was taken last Saturday, and I had not shampooed my hair in 4 days.  Sounds gross but I do take a shower in between, I use a shower cap.  I also use Dry Shampoo spray sparingly, in areas that tend to get a bit oily by day 3 or 4, just to get my by for one more day!  Not only does this method save time, it saves your hair!  All that blow drying and brushing and heat is HARD on your hair.  I only touch up with my fat curling iron on day 2, 3 and 4 and let those curls cool... then a little bit of spray and sometimes gel, a hairband or a clip and I'm good to go.

For this photo I was wearing the Lilla Rose Victorian Inspired Flexi in an XS (for finer or thinner hair, the mini would work for this style).  There are 7 Flexi sizes so no matter how thick or think your hair, there's a size for you .  If you have finer or thinner hair, an XS may work better when you are twisting up ALL of your hair into an up do.  I would call this style the "Half Up"...

How often do you shampoo your hair?


Friday, August 29, 2014

Layering Hair Accessories

I thought it might be fun & creative to try using what I've got in my closet to capture a new look.  Sure enough, this Vera scarf is a favorite thrift store find from way back when and has the look I was going for.  Pink and gold makes a gorgeous paisley combination.  How pretty it is when layered by pairing it with my Lilla Rose flexible and adjustible hair band?  This hairband is called "Rays of Sunshine".

This is my Blogger phone app so I'm cutting this short to see what it looks like on my laptop!

Have a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!  Until next time... what's in your closet?


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Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Morning Walk in Marblehead is Food for the Soul

SUMMER is slipping away and sometimes we have to force ourselves to just send the CHORES to the back of the line!  I have less and less time to stop and smell the roses these days (how did that happen?  I remember thinking that I would have more time to enjoy the small things in life after the kids got older).  
So this morning our youngest son Colin had to meet his band manager very early for a GIG down on Cape Cod at noon!  His band is called Kik-it by the way and they really truly are just the most AWESOME boyband in the USA!!!  ((insert plug for sons band here))  Look them up on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc. as #kikitband.  Oh sure, I’ll pop in a picture while I’m at it, why not?  After all, it is MY blog Laughing out loud
This is them at their sound check getting ready to perform!  My son Colin is on the far left!  Many of these boys have practically lived at my house this summer while they’ve been busy touring, promoting and doing photo shoots.  I have three sons of my own but these boys are like my OTHER kids!  (Special thank you to my fellow band Mom & friend Donna for being there today and taking this picture).
Okay back to my Marblehead post!  So my husband and I took the long way home, drove down the coastline and ended up in a favorite town for a morning walk. 
One thing that always strikes me about our older COASTAL TOWNS here in New England is that the homes are so COLORFUL… I mean SPLASHES of VIBRANT color!  They coincide with the beautiful gardens and flower boxes that are so abundant here.  
Now that I’m posting these, I wish I had taken more and that we’d brought our good camera!  Of course, when I was taking pictures, I wasn’t thinking of doing a blog post!  We were literally just going for a morning walk through one of our favorite towns!  I took these with my old Samsung Galaxy.
The older homes in old NEW ENGLAND towns are never uniform or perfect.  Apparently there was no contest going on back in the old days to see if everyone’s home could be as BEIGE and COOKIE CUTTER as possible… which I see too much of in  homes today (like my OWN ooops!).  I think that the people way back when were more daring, bold and carefree than we envision. This house (above) is just one of many SKINNY HOUSES in Marblehead.  I wish you could see the whole thing - I should have left some space to the right when I took this shot.  Many houses are CROOKED and LEANING here too!  I LOVE them even MORE because they are NOT PERFECT (perfectly imperfect?). 
If you park your car when you’re in Old Town Marblehead, you can just walk and walk and see so much more than you would if you stayed in your car.  I could see myself having my COFFEE on this patio by the sea roses every morning!
Okay here we go… every morning of my life, I spend a few minutes at my make-up table… at LEAST I cover up my dark circles.  But not this morning, because we left very early and yeah… I wasn’t planning on photographing for a blog post ha ha.  But I’m posting this anyway because (#1 to prove I’m not VAIN)…I love the little RED MINI COOPER so much, and the AMERICAN FLAG too… the real CEDAR SHINGLES, that will have that classic WEATHERED grayish patina in a couple of years… (kind of like me lol).
Thank you for joining me on my morning walk through Marblehead!  Since you ended up being my walking buddy, I have to share what I would have shared with you during our walk (other than talk about my son’s band and all the lovely flowers and homes)… that is that:
TODAY is the last day of the SALE for the NEW and RETIRED Lilla Rose hair accessories!  I am a LILLA ROSE consultant.  I stumbled upon their hair products one day while online and quickly became obsessed.  I later learned that both Lilla Rose the company and the family that founded and owns it…is one that I’m proud to represent.  To shop or just check out Lilla Rose hair accessories click here or on the link on my sidebar:
freestyle tiara flexi
Above is an old favorite Flexi of mine called FREESTYLE TIARA (not in the sale, just a colorful old favorite of mine kind of like old Marblehead)… below a picture of another favorite FLEXI, for those that don’t want all the beads and color (the Flexi is the patented hair clip that everyone is falling in love with)… there are MANY different styles, so comfortable you can fall asleep with them on, they last forever… they turn into an addiction because you will want to have different ones to go with different outfits and seasons of the year…or just to add to your private collection – so proceed with caution Laughing out loud.  Sorry this CELTIC CROSS FLEXI is also NOT in the sale at this time because it’s not retired – but like the Freestyle Tiara,  it IS available in most sizes (this is the medium which retails for $15). 
celtic cross flexi
If you check out my Lilla Rose website, let me know which one is YOUR favorite!!!  Please DO comment here or on my Facebook page Chellebelle Style FB Page 
Until next time…. do something that feeds your soul!  It will do wonders for your spirit, make you a more pleasant person to be around… and the dirty laundry will be just fine when you get to it later!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Size Flexi do I Buy? Well; There is a Style for Every Size!

I wish this photo was a bit clearer - but I find that when I reverse my phone camera to take these "back of my hair" shots - it does compromise the quality of the photo.  I am attempting to show you why it's handy to have several sizes of the Lilla Rose's Flexi for your hair.  The one is a size SMALL.  It is actually a butterfly style and it's called Soaring.

Next I'm showing an interesting way to use a "Medium" sized Flexi.  Of course it all depends on how thick or thin your hair is.  I'm just giving you an example of the different sizes I use on my hair which is pretty thick.

And below is a large.  I took this shot in the ladies room at work.  All these back of my head selfies lately are too funny (lol).

Okay this one is called Roman Stone.  It's not the one I'm wearing in the picture but I think it's just beautiful.  I think it would be a great addition to your collection.  I'm picturing it as perfect for any season.

Lastly; I am so happy to announce the new June Flexi of the month!  It's soooooo lovely.  What do you think about it?  Be honest, I want your opinions...

I love the shiny finish... I think it wil be beautiful on - can't wait to try it.

Until next time.... if you'd like to see more photos (posted daily) and more interaction... I post regularly on my facebook page: Chellebelle Style Facebook Page  Won't you join us in the festivities and fun over there? I'm currently having a giveaway there.  Easy rules...

  • post a comment on my facebook page post about the giveaway stating which item you'd like me to giveaway free in the rafffle
  • tag a friend in a comment for an extra entry
  • automatic intry for placing an order
  • share my facebook post about the giveaway for another entry
  • I will add... comment here for yet another entry!


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Friday, May 16, 2014

Lilla Rose You Pins, Events & Cover Pages... oh my!

Busy busy busy... I don't know that I have ever been so busy.  I'm relieved to finally have this Friday night to re unite with my laptop and do some administrataive and social media work.  The above photo is my new Facebook "cover" photo for my Beauty Page (also called Chellebelle Style) - if you haven't already... PLEASE like that page for me.  Message me and I'll like yours back.

I finally opened up an official Facebook "Event" for my Lilla Rose Launch party that is open now!  Can any of you suggest what I might do to create some online buzzing about all of this?  Here is the link... I would love your comments and suggestions.  A giveaway maybe?  Hmmm. I anxioiusly await your comments.

Last weekend I had my first LIVE event with Lilla Rose!  Wow, considering that I only had a few products to show - the table looked pretty official I must say.  I can't wait for the next one so that I can do it "right" next time.  I learned from all the other vendors what I was supposed to do... that I did NOT know so... I know better next time.  Here's a picture of my booth:

Next time it will be over the top... I learned a lot by doing this show.  I was so excited and lucky to have an assistant assigned to me for this event!  Her name is Adele and she was completely amazing.  She loved the products I demonstrated and sold.  Here is a picture of her trying on my you pins in a casual way:

Doesn't she have gorgeous hair?

Well I promise to take more pictures before my net post... it certainly makes for better blog reading and writing!

Until net time...


Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Day for the May Lilla Rose Sale!

It's almost Mother's Day!  Lilla Rose is holding a sale and it ends tonight!  This is your chance to purchase your Flexi's at 10-20% off and get free shipping if you purchase more than $40!

Lilla Rose has a monthly exclusive style every month.  Supplies sell out quickly.  May's is purple and has a removeable "Mom" charm - I'm in love with it!  Here's your chance to get it on sale - but the SALE ENDS TODAY!!!

Click on my Lilla Rose link on my sidebar to order yours today!


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Introducing My New Hair Jewelry Line - Lilla Rose

So excited to introduce this new hair jewelry (clips & more) to you!  I was going to just review it but decided not to wait on introducing you to this fantastic product line.  I have long, thick, wavy hair.  I love to twist and flip my hair up like this photo (I borrowed the photo from the Lilla Rose page - this is not me).  I usually use a plastic banana clip.  The plastic banana clips are bulky and sharp and when I drive, they dig into my scalp because of the head rest being right there.

These clips are called Flexi Clips.  They actually flex around your hair and grab it with a smooth pin underneath and clasp into place.  They come in multiple sizes depending on the thickness of your hair!  They come in many styles too - just beautiful!!!

The picture of the lady with the pretty French Twist actually doesn't have the Flexi clips though - she is using a product that I am REALLY crazy about - called the You Pins.  Set of two - all you need to hold your hair up in bun and super easy to pull the pins out to let your hair fall out of the bun.  Unfortunately, the items in the picture above are the April Exclusives... and they are ALL SOLD OUT!  I'm waiting to see pictures of the new May Exclusives.  I will post them here as soon as I get my hands on them.

Those are just a few of my favorite You Pins!  New ones are introduced every month.

Another product that I love to wear but I usually can't wear for long is a headband.  I mean the decorative kind with pretty beads or similar.  These are genious.  They have an adjustible elastic strap so that they will flex and you won't get a headache!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this new product line of mine.

Love love love...

I will be hosting a giveaway in my next post.  Please let me know how you feel about Lilla Rose?  I love and welcome your comments and want to hear from you as to which one of these items you'd like to see in my GIVEAWAY...  if you don't ask you won't receive... right?

Oh and if you are ready to order already... my online store link is on the Lilla Rose tab above or it is also here:  My Lilla Rose Store...  Items ship direct to you!  If you'd like to host an online party to earn free hair jewelry - please let me know and I will gladly get your party started!  Of course, if you'd like to join my team - and work for this most fantastic boss ever... I can help you in that department as well (lol)...

Thanks for reading and I can't wait to read your comments!

Michelle (aka Chellebelle)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Visit with Sarah . Black & White Skinny Jamberry Nail Wraps . Booking a Party

Meet my cousin-in-law & friend Sarah!  She was the first one to respond on Facebook when I posted about my new Jamberry nail wrap business!  She responded with enthusiasm and said right away that she wanted to have a Jamberry party at her home!


Because she booked my first party with me, right off the bat, without me even asking... I told her I would visit her at her home, and give her a full "Jamicure" for free!  Yesterday was our day!  We had such a nice visit, catching up on everything to do with this big family we are a part of (that I married into)... I taught her how to apply the wraps, discussed hostess freebies based on sales etc.  She's ready to invite her friends and start shopping through that catalog for favorite wraps.

Aren't her nails beautiful?  I told her she could be a hand model!  Well she's going to get lots of free wraps to do her manicures and pedicures for months for having a party.  Would you like to have a party next?  If you live far away, we can do a book party or a Facebook party.  All items are purchased by and shipped directly to the individual customers so nobody has to sort and deliver products.  It's fun and easy!



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Thursday, March 6, 2014

After School Girl-time Fun with Nieces, Nail Wraps & Polish


Finally I got to visit my 2 local nieces after school today to have some fun with nail wrap samples!  They hadn’t tried them before but they paint their nails regularly.  In the interest of time, we decided to choose 2 accent nail wrap designs per hand, then they would paint the other remaining 6 nails in a coordinating polish. 



Lauren chose the Teal Mini Polka design for her thumb (I’m such a sucker for polka dots and this teal one really steals my heart).  I love it that her hands still have ink on them and her finger is green from a marker at school (she’s still such a cute little kid…).


Then she selected Flirty Flair for her ring finger.  Hmmm, what color nail polish to go with these two?  Yellow was mentioned (no yellow in the house)… I suggested something in the coral or salmon family.  This is the one she found and I love it – it’s just perfect.  Look how well it goes with both wraps.  That teal looks amazing with this coat too doesn’t it?


Now we have Carolyn’s nails… Sorry for the blurry picture – it didn’t look like this on my phone I swear!  Okay, okay, you’ve seen the Cup of Tea black and dotted floral before on my blog – yes, over a week ago I did my son’s girlfriend Alexis’s nails and used the Cup of Tea as an accent and yes, same manicure, the black chevron on the thumb too (hers are still perfect I might add)… but I have never done one with polish on the rest of the fingers like this, so there. 


I never liked black nail polish before but I do like it with these two wraps.  It breaks up the darkness a bit and gives the whole look some whimsy.


Let’s watch and see how well these hold up to a rigorous soccer player’s life.  Just so you know, my niece painted the crevices – so where this chevron wrap looks like it’s gone over onto the skin, it is not, that is nail polish (as she likes to do nail art).

Thanks for reading one more time – I really am going to do a post someday soon relevant to fashion or something similar and interesting.  It’s just too cold to get out and visit new shops yet and I’m mega busy these days so new content including a new ‘topic’ can wait.  In the meantime, hope you don’t mind more nail wrap articles from me. 
Until next time,

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