Monday, September 1, 2014

When Dirty Hair is Good!

What is YOUR hair type?  Mine is wavy to curly, medium to thick and will be FRIZZY to the MAX if I just let it dry and do nothing with it.  I have lived with my hair for 47 years so I know it better than anyone by now.  If you have my hair type... I suggest you do NOT over shampoo your hair.  That's right, I wash my hair about every 3 days only and I use a very minimal amount of shampoo.  The less SUDS the better.  The more suds, the more detergent in the shampoo and that seems to contribute to the puff & frizz.  Tools that are key for me are:

FAT Curling Iron
Jumbo Velvet Hot Rollers
Leave In Smoothing cream
Styling Gel
Hair Spray
Dry Shampoo

The most important of those being the ones that produce HEAT. Heat is the best weapon of defense against frizz.  This photo was taken last Saturday, and I had not shampooed my hair in 4 days.  Sounds gross but I do take a shower in between, I use a shower cap.  I also use Dry Shampoo spray sparingly, in areas that tend to get a bit oily by day 3 or 4, just to get my by for one more day!  Not only does this method save time, it saves your hair!  All that blow drying and brushing and heat is HARD on your hair.  I only touch up with my fat curling iron on day 2, 3 and 4 and let those curls cool... then a little bit of spray and sometimes gel, a hairband or a clip and I'm good to go.

For this photo I was wearing the Lilla Rose Victorian Inspired Flexi in an XS (for finer or thinner hair, the mini would work for this style).  There are 7 Flexi sizes so no matter how thick or think your hair, there's a size for you .  If you have finer or thinner hair, an XS may work better when you are twisting up ALL of your hair into an up do.  I would call this style the "Half Up"...

How often do you shampoo your hair?



  1. I think we might have the EXACT same hair...although I just let it stay curly but use product to keep the puffiness & 'fro under control. Or just rock a pony tail! I'm with you on the less-shampooing-is-more too. If I wash my hair everyday it would feel like a pile of hay atop my head =) Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

    1. Marcy; yes, the ponytail or I twist mine up into a French twist with the floppy tails. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for commenting! Michelle