Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Size Flexi do I Buy? Well; There is a Style for Every Size!

I wish this photo was a bit clearer - but I find that when I reverse my phone camera to take these "back of my hair" shots - it does compromise the quality of the photo.  I am attempting to show you why it's handy to have several sizes of the Lilla Rose's Flexi for your hair.  The one is a size SMALL.  It is actually a butterfly style and it's called Soaring.

Next I'm showing an interesting way to use a "Medium" sized Flexi.  Of course it all depends on how thick or thin your hair is.  I'm just giving you an example of the different sizes I use on my hair which is pretty thick.

And below is a large.  I took this shot in the ladies room at work.  All these back of my head selfies lately are too funny (lol).

Okay this one is called Roman Stone.  It's not the one I'm wearing in the picture but I think it's just beautiful.  I think it would be a great addition to your collection.  I'm picturing it as perfect for any season.

Lastly; I am so happy to announce the new June Flexi of the month!  It's soooooo lovely.  What do you think about it?  Be honest, I want your opinions...

I love the shiny finish... I think it wil be beautiful on - can't wait to try it.

Until next time.... if you'd like to see more photos (posted daily) and more interaction... I post regularly on my facebook page: Chellebelle Style Facebook Page  Won't you join us in the festivities and fun over there? I'm currently having a giveaway there.  Easy rules...

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Lilla Rose You Pins, Events & Cover Pages... oh my!

Busy busy busy... I don't know that I have ever been so busy.  I'm relieved to finally have this Friday night to re unite with my laptop and do some administrataive and social media work.  The above photo is my new Facebook "cover" photo for my Beauty Page (also called Chellebelle Style) - if you haven't already... PLEASE like that page for me.  Message me and I'll like yours back.

I finally opened up an official Facebook "Event" for my Lilla Rose Launch party that is open now!  Can any of you suggest what I might do to create some online buzzing about all of this?  Here is the link... I would love your comments and suggestions.  A giveaway maybe?  Hmmm. I anxioiusly await your comments.

Last weekend I had my first LIVE event with Lilla Rose!  Wow, considering that I only had a few products to show - the table looked pretty official I must say.  I can't wait for the next one so that I can do it "right" next time.  I learned from all the other vendors what I was supposed to do... that I did NOT know so... I know better next time.  Here's a picture of my booth:

Next time it will be over the top... I learned a lot by doing this show.  I was so excited and lucky to have an assistant assigned to me for this event!  Her name is Adele and she was completely amazing.  She loved the products I demonstrated and sold.  Here is a picture of her trying on my you pins in a casual way:

Doesn't she have gorgeous hair?

Well I promise to take more pictures before my net post... it certainly makes for better blog reading and writing!

Until net time...


Friday, May 2, 2014

Last Day for the May Lilla Rose Sale!

It's almost Mother's Day!  Lilla Rose is holding a sale and it ends tonight!  This is your chance to purchase your Flexi's at 10-20% off and get free shipping if you purchase more than $40!

Lilla Rose has a monthly exclusive style every month.  Supplies sell out quickly.  May's is purple and has a removeable "Mom" charm - I'm in love with it!  Here's your chance to get it on sale - but the SALE ENDS TODAY!!!

Click on my Lilla Rose link on my sidebar to order yours today!