Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Morning Walk in Marblehead is Food for the Soul

SUMMER is slipping away and sometimes we have to force ourselves to just send the CHORES to the back of the line!  I have less and less time to stop and smell the roses these days (how did that happen?  I remember thinking that I would have more time to enjoy the small things in life after the kids got older).  
So this morning our youngest son Colin had to meet his band manager very early for a GIG down on Cape Cod at noon!  His band is called Kik-it by the way and they really truly are just the most AWESOME boyband in the USA!!!  ((insert plug for sons band here))  Look them up on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine etc. as #kikitband.  Oh sure, I’ll pop in a picture while I’m at it, why not?  After all, it is MY blog Laughing out loud
This is them at their sound check getting ready to perform!  My son Colin is on the far left!  Many of these boys have practically lived at my house this summer while they’ve been busy touring, promoting and doing photo shoots.  I have three sons of my own but these boys are like my OTHER kids!  (Special thank you to my fellow band Mom & friend Donna for being there today and taking this picture).
Okay back to my Marblehead post!  So my husband and I took the long way home, drove down the coastline and ended up in a favorite town for a morning walk. 
One thing that always strikes me about our older COASTAL TOWNS here in New England is that the homes are so COLORFUL… I mean SPLASHES of VIBRANT color!  They coincide with the beautiful gardens and flower boxes that are so abundant here.  
Now that I’m posting these, I wish I had taken more and that we’d brought our good camera!  Of course, when I was taking pictures, I wasn’t thinking of doing a blog post!  We were literally just going for a morning walk through one of our favorite towns!  I took these with my old Samsung Galaxy.
The older homes in old NEW ENGLAND towns are never uniform or perfect.  Apparently there was no contest going on back in the old days to see if everyone’s home could be as BEIGE and COOKIE CUTTER as possible… which I see too much of in  homes today (like my OWN ooops!).  I think that the people way back when were more daring, bold and carefree than we envision. This house (above) is just one of many SKINNY HOUSES in Marblehead.  I wish you could see the whole thing - I should have left some space to the right when I took this shot.  Many houses are CROOKED and LEANING here too!  I LOVE them even MORE because they are NOT PERFECT (perfectly imperfect?). 
If you park your car when you’re in Old Town Marblehead, you can just walk and walk and see so much more than you would if you stayed in your car.  I could see myself having my COFFEE on this patio by the sea roses every morning!
Okay here we go… every morning of my life, I spend a few minutes at my make-up table… at LEAST I cover up my dark circles.  But not this morning, because we left very early and yeah… I wasn’t planning on photographing for a blog post ha ha.  But I’m posting this anyway because (#1 to prove I’m not VAIN)…I love the little RED MINI COOPER so much, and the AMERICAN FLAG too… the real CEDAR SHINGLES, that will have that classic WEATHERED grayish patina in a couple of years… (kind of like me lol).
Thank you for joining me on my morning walk through Marblehead!  Since you ended up being my walking buddy, I have to share what I would have shared with you during our walk (other than talk about my son’s band and all the lovely flowers and homes)… that is that:
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freestyle tiara flexi
Above is an old favorite Flexi of mine called FREESTYLE TIARA (not in the sale, just a colorful old favorite of mine kind of like old Marblehead)… below a picture of another favorite FLEXI, for those that don’t want all the beads and color (the Flexi is the patented hair clip that everyone is falling in love with)… there are MANY different styles, so comfortable you can fall asleep with them on, they last forever… they turn into an addiction because you will want to have different ones to go with different outfits and seasons of the year…or just to add to your private collection – so proceed with caution Laughing out loud.  Sorry this CELTIC CROSS FLEXI is also NOT in the sale at this time because it’s not retired – but like the Freestyle Tiara,  it IS available in most sizes (this is the medium which retails for $15). 
celtic cross flexi
If you check out my Lilla Rose website, let me know which one is YOUR favorite!!!  Please DO comment here or on my Facebook page Chellebelle Style FB Page 
Until next time…. do something that feeds your soul!  It will do wonders for your spirit, make you a more pleasant person to be around… and the dirty laundry will be just fine when you get to it later!


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