Sunday, November 30, 2014

Once Upon a Time I had Long Hair... But I Got Bored

Lilla Rose Hairsticks
Once upon a time, I had long hair, but I would get bored with it... and wasn't quite sure how to spice it up and keep the look fresh and new.  Then I discovered these Hair Sticks!  Wow, where have they been all my life?

There was a time when I wore a french twist, with the ends popped out of the top for an easy, casual and fun look.  Now I know there's a name for that and it's a French Twist with the tails up!

Then when I was a young girl in the 70's, I almost always wore my hair in what I now know is referred to as a "half up" style.  This is me wearing a 70's groovy blouse that my Mom made me, and my hair in a half up style.

And the other day at Thanksgiving dinner, I did this half up plus the 2 other styles for my sister-in-law's sister's hair:

 Here are all three of them in a collage... do you have a favorite?  Right now my favorite is the bun with the hairsticks.  Below is me on the way out the door to work the first time I decided to try them in a messy bun style!

I tried to get a more perfect picture, but I desperately need a phone that has a better camera!

So these are just a few of the styles I still use today.  But I'm constantly trying to reinvent the wheel by coming up with new and creative styles too.  So this begins my series of the "Once Upon a Time I had Long Hair but I Got Bored" posts... I hope that YOU don't get bored with them!  It's going to be fun digging into the old photos, I may add an oldie or two in each post just for fun :-D

You can purchase these hairsticks by Lilla Rose and the Flexi Clips too, on my Lilla Rose webstore, by clicking the button on my sidebar or going to this link:

I would never sell a product that I don't feel I can stand behind, and these are by far the best quality hair accessories I have ever found.  The Flexi's are hand made, with piano wire to make them flexible and comfortable... and the Hairsticks are made from Birch wood and I am now crazy about them.

There is a sale that ends tonight at midnight Pacific Time.  It's by far the biggest sale of the year for Lilla Rose.  20-50% off everything and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50!  If you have questions, please message me or comment, I will help you with sizing etc.

Until net time, What are YOUR favorite hairstyles that you would like to see me feature here?  Feel free to send me pictures of yours and I may have a contest, and feature your picture, and send you a prize!  Send me your feedback and I will post more details later...

My best,


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